Laos Mekong Saffron

Laos Mekong Saffron

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The quest to produce world-class coffee in Laos harks back to nearly a century ago. In the 1920s, French colonists staked out the fertile Bolaven Plateau for coffee plantations, realizing that the region's high altitude and mineral-rich volcanic soil were ideal for growing the crop. But within two decades, the promise of the small Southeast Asian country's coffee trade was dashed by a medley of violence. Upon the outbreak of World War II, many French plantation owners fled. Soon after, uprisings inspired by a mix of nationalism and communism turned Vietnam and then Laos, its neighbor, into a battleground. The American B-52s that bombed the sections of the Ho Chi Minh Trail that snuck into the Laotian jungle killed an untold number of civilians and contaminated many coffee fields with craters and unexploded ordinances. When the country's communists took over, coffee, then a bourgeoisie drink, stood little chance of falling into favor with the new leaders. Their efforts at rehabilitating the region focused on class enemies, not coffee fields.

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