Costa Rica Tarrazu Romance

Costa Rica Tarrazu Romance

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The first production of Costa Rica coffee can be dated back to 1779 when it was introduced by Spanish colonists who brought it from Arabia. This is why the coffee beans are often referred to as “coffea arabica”. Costa Rica had the ideal soil and climate for coffee beans to grow so production understandably flourished.

Situated in the Costa Rican highlands, the Tarrazu Valley is one of the most renowned coffee producing areas in the world. Its rich volcanic soil, cool climate and high altitude combine to create very highly regarded coffees, favored for their light, clean flavors and unique aromas. Tarrazu coffee is also preferred over other varieties by many for its high caffeine content. Costa Rica coffee has had a major effect on American coffee.

With emphasis on the quality of the coffee beans used, more people have been encouraged to produce better tasting coffees in their own homes by becoming amateur “baristas”, a trend that is growing in popularity.

Gender Index Gap 2016

Costa Rica Gender Gap Index 2016