About Us

African woman smiling and wearing glasses

Through the lens of equitable global development Skrupulous coffee endeavors to offer delicious full bodied beans that support farmers and women worldwide. Women are the primary laborers in the coffee industry, but seldom benefit from the large revenues flowing from farms. Annually, a portion of our earnings are donated to address the health challenges faced by women in the global coffee industry. Skrupulous only provides beans from small coffee farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

90%of women do all field and harvest work in African countries

Skrupulous coffee also seeks to aide and uplift local USA communities by giving a biannual contribution to a women’s shelter. Women’s shelters give housing and opportunities to women and children who are surviving domestic violence. These are crucial organizations to support and empower women. We believe that we should be Skrupulous with our coffee and use our buying power to help other rise up.

90%of women do all the sorting

Our coffee business was founded by a global development medical doctor and a women’s and LGBT rights scholar who wanted to make real change through small business. What sets Skrupulous apart is a profit sharing model to support farmers and laborers in the coffee industry, and our vision of using capitalism for change. We seek to challenge people to be more Skrupulous in their shopping habits to support development for all.

10%of women own companies in the coffee sector